Memories of the Interactive Grid Analysis and Display System--IGrADS

A Tribute to the US Air Force's Premier Interactive Weather Visualization Tool

In Memoriam

IGrADS - Air Force Weather Agency (AFWA),
February, 2002 - July, 2013

IGrADS was first introduced on AFWA's Joint Air Force and Army Weather Information Network (JAAWIN) in February, 2002. It was a vast expansion of the first interactive GrADS-based tool, the Interactive Meteogram and Skew-T (IMaST) utility, which had first been introduced in 1999. Both were developed by SSgt Michael Hazelwood of AFWA's Technology Exploitation Branch's Visualization Team (HQ AFWA/DNXT). IGrADS expanded upon the meteograms and skew-Ts of IMaST by offering alphanumeric products, forecast maps, vertical cross-sections, user-defined meteograms, four panel forecast charts, multi-leg cross-sections, and other products including sea-surface temperatures, cloud analyses and forecasts, and dust forecast products. At its peak, IGrADS received in excess of 100,000 hits per month. Now, with the advent of web-based services, AFWA has decided to retire IGrADS. It was shutdown on 24 July 2013.

In addition to Mike Hazelwood, many others played key roles in expanding IGrADS. At the risk of leaving key contributors out, I will name people who I vividly recall as being involved in this 11 year effort: Jeremy Collins, Chris Fidler, Michael Eudy, Aaron Berman, David Beberwyk, Sang Scott, Christopher Stock, John Brooks, Roy Peck, Steven Rugg, Victor Carson, Barry Gregory, Shaun Gustafson, Joel Hart, Bill Thompson, Lee Byerle, Daniel Rozema, Jason Smith, Pat Therien, Steve Harris, Chris Gervais, Pete Holter, David Hladky, Rob Swanson, Jen Alexander, Dan Weekley, Ken Smith, James McMullen, Jon Schiefelbein, John Lewis, and perhaps me, Bruce Telfeyan. If I have left someone out, (undoubtedly the case) simply send me an e-mail (, and I will add them.

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Assorted IGrADS Visualizations:

^ IGrADS Graphical User Interface ^

^ User Defined Meteogram: in this case, forecast icing in time-cross section and forecast pressure tendency graph ^

^ Thule to Mildenhall Vertical Cross Section with Flight Level Visibility Contours^

^ Four Panel Forecast Maps of a Winter Storm over Ohio River Valley--capability programmed by Chris Stock ^

^ Cairo to northern Pakistan Vertical Cross Section with Isotach Contours ^

^ Multi-leg Dust Vertical Cross Section: Pakistan, southern Afghanistan, northern India ^

Photographs from the IGrADS Decommissioning Party, HQ AFWA, Third Floor Break Room, 24 July 2013:

^ Cake in honor of IGrADS ^

^ Brief remarks by Bruce Telfeyan on IGrADS history ^

^ Dave Keller, Jeff Hamilton, Evan Kuchera, Chris Franks, Scott Rentschler, Colonel John Knowles, Nick Wenner, Stephen Augustyn, Dan Rozema, Mike Horner, Justin Schmidt, Karen Johannsen ^

^ Dave Keller, Chuck LeMay, Lois Rife, Bruce Telfeyan ^

^ Louis Riva, Bruce "I had ten pieces of cake" Telfeyan, Gordon Brooks ^

^ Justin Schmidt, Steve Rugg, Dan Rozema, Ken Smith, Rich Nieman ^

^ Colonel John Knowles, Colonel David Andrus, Louis Riva, Bruce Telfeyan, Gordon Brooks ^

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