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Bellevue, Nebraska

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Real-time weather pages for other places I've lived:

Great Neck, NY Ocean Grove, NJ Lexington, KY
Ithaca, NY Ralston, NE Ft Irwin, CA
Montgomery, AL Plattsburgh, NY O'Fallon, IL
Izmir, Turkey Huber Heights, OH LaVista, NE

Real-time weather pages for places my children and wife have lived:

Nashville, TN New Orleans, LA Knoxville, TN Colorado Springs, CO
Houston, TX Parma, Italy Bra, Italy Busseto, Italy
Council Bluffs, IA Des Moines, IA Benton Harbor, MI Charleston, WV
Torino, Italy Charlottesville, VA Washington, DC Severn, MD

Real-time weather pages for great cities around the world:

Tokyo, Japan Mexico City, Mexico New York City, New York Sao Paulo, Brazil
Osaka-Kobe-Kyoto, Japan Shanghai, China Manila, Philippines Hong Kong, China
Los Angeles, California Buenos Aires, Argentina London, United Kingdom Sydney, Australia
Saint Petersburg, Russia Toronto, Canada Paris, France Johannesburg, South Africa

Additional websites of possible interest:

Regional Map for Weather Underground Click here
Sunrise observations (DW1234) as viewed through Citizen Weather Observer Program (CWOP) Click here
Air Force Weather Agency's website (password protected) Click here
Air Force's interactive visualization utility: IGrADS (password protected) Click here
Davis Instruments' Worldwide Real-Time Weather Stations list Click here
National Weather Service forecast for Bellevue, NE Click here


Latest SFC map
Latest 3-hourly synoptic surface analysis (left), and latest Valley, NE WSR-88D base reflectivity loop (right).

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